Hannity Blasts Bret Stephens: He’s ‘Shameful’ for Using the Vegas Massacre to Push a Liberal Agenda

‘Take a look at the so-called conservative ‘New York Times’ writer Bret Stephens — ‘

HANNITY: "Also tonight, the left liberal celebrities in the media continue to play politics, trying to use this policy to get with the gun control agenda. Some are even calling for the shredding of our constitution and our right to bear arms. Take a look at the so-called conservative 'New York Times' writer Bret Stephens who is also a contributor over at that conspiracy so-called news network, MSNBC. Repeal the Second Amendment. Stephens goes on to write, repealing the amendment may seem like political mission impossible today but in the era of same-sex marriage, it’s worth recalling that most great causes began as improbable ones. Gun ownership should never be outlawed. Just as it is and outlawed in Britain and Australia but it does need a blanket constitutional protection either."

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