Judge Napolitano: The Government Cannot Keep Us Safe

‘We can’t rely on the government to keep us safe’


NAPOLITANO: "Can you imagine if the president of United States was going to speak from that concert venue? For sure this monster would not have had an arsenal of automatic weapons in his hotel, because the government protects its own, because the government would have assured that that didn't happen. I argue to you, that the land owner, that the concert planner or that the hotel owner have the same or substantially similar obligation to keep the venue safe for the ordinary, good, decent folks that were there. But we can't rely on the government to keep us safe. We can't rely on the government listening to everybody's phone call and capturing everybody's keystroke and claiming that they know when these tragedies are going to occur -- because they don't! They have information overload, they don't look at the information they have until after the tragedy occurs. And as for those who want to take away guns, let's face it: The framers knew, the people who fought the revolution knew, the people who wrote the Constitution knew that the government can't keep us safe."

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