Chris Matthews, John Lewis Agree on Need for More Gun Control, Offer No Ideas

‘We’ve got to fix it, be brave and courageous and the voters must stand up and speak up and speak out’


MATTHEWS: "Congressman John Lewis of Georgia joins me now. You were the personification of the civil rights movement. You've been through all of this. You won that fight at least in the law. Is this ever going to be won, the battle for gun safe any.
LEWIS: "Chris, we will win this fight. The American people will not stand to see hundreds and thousands of their fellow citizens mowed down because the lack of action on the part of the Congress. We have to do something. You know, at 50 today, 58 or 59, how many tomorrow? It made me very sad to see what is happening."
MATTHEWS: "Do you think this number will do it? I remember when Bob Kennedy was killed, your friend, I wrote my congressman, maybe the only time I ever did, and something happened. There was a safe streets act or something there. But nobody has really done anything. Dianne Feinstein's bill allowed E lapse, toomy and mansion, they're not going to reintroduce. Except for you, a lot of people feel like they're falling back. Not willing to show the courage on this right now.
LEWIS: "We must show the courage. Nothing short of raw courage. As gabby said, we must be brave, bold and we must fight. We're going to organize on the house side as Democrats. We're going to organize. We would like to do something in a bipartisan fashion. But we're going to organize all across America."
MATTHEWS: "What's your message to Republicans?"
LEWIS: "Come and join us. Let's do it together. We should do it. The American people are demanding action. I went to the speaker the other night on the floor of the house and I asked the speaker to join us in a bipartisan fashion, and he said if it going to be about law? He said he couldn't do it."
MATTHEWS: "Well you know, I'd like to believe what you say but I've seen Ronald Reagan almost killed. If he hadn't gotten the hospital in three minutes, he would have been dead. Martin Luther king, all these people getting killed. No country in the world lives like us. There's no country in the world like us. We keep putting up with it."
LEWIS: "Is there something in the water we're drinking, the air we breathe. We've got to fix it, be brave and courageous and the voters must stand up and speak up and speak out and do what I call, they got to get in the way."
MATTHEWS: "What do you make of President Trump? Why does he say don't talk about gun control or gun violence today. Today he said let's not talk about gun violence in Las Vegas he said that."
LEWIS: "Well the time is always right to do what is right. We waited too long. How many more people would die. Would it be a few hundred? A few thousand? Several thousand? We have to act. We cannot wait."

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