Chuck Todd to Mnuchin: No Study Has Shown Tax Cuts Create Economic Growth

‘Where is the analysis that says this is going to lead to economic growth?’

CHUCK TODD: For what it's worth, there has been no study that has been able to somehow reinforce this idea that tax cuts do translate to economic growth. The one time it did was when we went down from 90 percent with Kennedy down -- and got rid of that tax hike. But where is the analysis here? I know you guys scrubbed one from the Treasury Department on one having to do with corporate tax cuts. Where is the analysis that says this is going to lead to economic growth?

SECY. STEVE MNUCHIN: As soon as the details are out, this will be scored by lots of different academics. We're happy to put plenty of economists on this show who support our plan. And we'll go through the numbers with you.

CHUCK TODD: Do you--

SECY. STEVE MNUCHIN: So this will be fully transparent to the American public. And they understand that. This is about creating $10 trillion of GDP. This is about over $2 trillion of additional revenues to the government. And this is about jobs, millions and millions of jobs. Americans understand we have a broken tax system and this is about making us competitive and bringing back jobs.

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