Sanders: ‘Trump Is Taking from the Middle-Class and Working Families’ to Give Huge Tax Breaks to the People on Top

‘Of course it benefits the wealthy and of course it benefits large multinational corporations’


SANDERS: "It is. But overall I just listened to Mr. Mulvaney who says nobody can make an analysis long-term of what this tax proposal does. He’s wrong. The tax policy institute has said that 80% at the end of ten years, 80% of the benefits will go to the top 1% so it’s not just that they want to repeal the estate tax which benefits only the top two-tenths of one percent, families like the Walton family or the Koch brothers family will receive tens and tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks. For trump to go on television and say oh, this doesn’t benefit the wealthy is outrageous. Of course it benefits the wealthy and of course it benefits large multinational corporations. Right now we are living in a moment of massive income of wealth inequality, the very, very rich are getting richer, middle-class is shrinking. What this tax proposal does is not only give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporations, it cuts Medicare by $450 billion. Some listeners, some viewers may remember the Trump campaign, oh, I’m not going to touch Medicare, $450 billion cut in Medicare, a trillion dollar cut in Medicaid. This is the Robin Hood principle in reverse. Trump is taking from the middle-class and working families in order to give huge tax breaks to the people on top. It’s unacceptable and we’ll fight it as hard as we can."

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