Jason Johnson: ‘Donald Trump Believes that Black And Brown People In This Country Are Beholden to Him’

‘It’s the same thing with the campaign, the same thing with the NFL’

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JOHNSON: "It’s horrible because it suggests that everything is based onage as opposed to your obligation as the president of the United States. Pihas done more than the president of the United States has done. It’s the same thing with the campaign, the same thing with the NFL. Donald Trump believes that black and brown people in this country are beholden to him and must beg and plead and be thankful to have the opportunity to be in his presence. Therefore the mayor had the audacity to be born both a women and brown, heaven forbid, and do her job. Those are things Donald Trump can’t handle. I think almost any state in the union that actually has a woman governor should probably be worried if they ever have a disaster, because if she says one thing Donald Trump doesn’t like, you probably won’t get anything done."

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