Ben Stein: Price Was Really Ousted Over Health Care Failure

‘The real reason he’s being fired is that he didn’t get the healthcare [bill] passed’

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Ben Stein: Price Was Really Ousted Over Health Care Failure (Fox News)

Economist and actor Ben Stein said HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price was ousted from the White House because of the Republicans' failure to repeal ObamaCare and not the Georgian's excessive private air travel.

Stein said the estimated $1 million cost of Price's travel is "small potatoes" in the multi-billion-dollar budget of HHS.

One of the controversial flights Price took was from Fairfax County, Va. to Philadelphia, Pa.

Cavuto pointed out that everyday folks could indeed be upset by the flight because both Amtrak and bus transit run regularly along the Interstate 95 corridor.

"That is just trivia," he said. "The real reason he's being fired is that he didn't get the healthcare [bill] passed."

"He would be a hero if he got this done," Stein said.

But, Stein said Price may have gotten a bit of a bad rap on health care because he "can't control the various RINOs" who prevented its passage.

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