Byron York on Tax Reform: ‘They Have Failed with ObamaCare, and They Have To Do Something’

‘They have this chance’


YORK: "I agree with you this time because I do think they're going to do it, because of a couple of reasons. One, there are a lot of lawmakers who still say, 'Look, we promised this for seven years, and we do not want to face the voters next year and say, well, we had the White House, we had the House, we had the Senate but we just couldn’t get it done even though we promised it for so long.'"
VARNEY: You can't do that. You just can’t do that."
YORK: "Exactly. And this is something they haven’t been able to agree among themselves for a long time, but now they have this chance. They have failed with ObamaCare and they have to do something."

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