Acosta: Trump Says Tax Plan Doesn’t Help Him; We Don’t Know that Because He Hasn’t Released His Tax Returns

‘We don’t know whether this tax plan would help him or not’

ACOSTA: "At one point, the President said, 'This tax plan doesn't really work for me, it doesn't really help people like me.' Jim, we simply don't know whether or not that's true because the President, as you know and as we all know, refuses to release his tax returns. And just to add to that, there was one point during this event where the President said, 'As I look out in this crowd, I see a lot of red hats.' Jim, I only counted three. So, like it is the case when you're doing your taxes, listening to the President today certainly could use some careful accounting. The President certainly does not have the votes and he has not released his tax returns. We don't know whether this tax plan would help him or not." 

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