NBC Pushes Redskins Name Change: ‘More Difficult ... To Hang on to Their Name’

‘The team owner has resisted a name change, even though some consider it a slur, and this won’t help’

NBC Pushes Redskins Name Change: ‘More Difficult...To Hang On To Their Name’ (NewsBusters)

On Tuesday, August 19, NBC continued the liberal media’s obsession with bullying the NFL’s Washington Redskins into changing its name. Nightly News anchor Brian Williams insisted that the team is having difficulty defending its name because “some consider it a slur.” 

Williams introduced the segment by proclaiming “it might have just gotten more difficult for the Washington Redskins to hang on to their name. Two NFL veterans who are now both veteran broadcasters, both say they will not use the team’s name during this coming football season in the booth.”

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