Eric Dyson to Ben Ferguson: ‘As a Person Who Is Not a Victim of White Supremacy,’ You Can’t Attack Kneeling Players

‘They see their brothers and sisters getting killed every day; they want to make a statement’

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FERGUSON: "Look at the NFL right now. The NFL stands up today, these owners act like they are doing some -- this league helps cover up when many players have physically abused and assaulted and beaten wives and girlfriends, who have kept them in the league and minimized what they do when they literally beat their wives and beat their girlfriends and now they come out on some moral high ground as if there is some moral club."
DYSON: "You're making my point for me. Here is a league that has allowed that kind of thing to go on and yet the players have been allowed to play but a man engaged in peaceful protest doing nothing more than take a knee so people can rise upon the plans he -- here is a guy -- let me finish. Here is a guy who is plays well enough right now to be starting ahead of at least eight quarterbacks in the league and the quarterback play so far in this league has been horrible. Colin Kaepernick was black-balled. This has shifted the dialogue and the debate. Now that many white players because the NFL is 69.7% black. The ownership is primarily white. What we see now here is that there is a coming perhaps together closer to understand that the players on the gridiron are African-American. They see their brothers and sisters getting killed every day. They want to make a statement. They don't have to register to vote. They don't have to be involved in political atmosphere. They have to understand the plight of other black people."
FERGUSON: "If you care about these issues -- if you care about these issues and you actually care enough about them.
[ Overlapping comments ]
FERGUSON: "I have an opinion. You have an opinion. This is my opinion. These players if they truly care as much as they are claiming -- I will jump on the band wagon then go register to vote and get involved."

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