Pelosi, Despite Opposing Trump’s NFL Comments, Won’t Rule out Working with Him in Future

‘As a leader, we have a responsibility to try to find common ground’

TODD: What do you say to the activist on the Left, the person who really is angry at President Trump, who says, "Don't work with him at all"? You're working with him. Does this ever give you pause?

PELOSI: Let me just say this, as minority leader first, and then as a speaker who worked very closely with President Bush. What could be worse than taking us into the war in Iraq on the basis of a false premise? Isn't that one of the worst things that's ever happened in our country? And, yet, when we could work with him on the biggest energy in the history of our country, helping with a refundable tax credit for poor families, PEPFAR AIDS drugs to save lives throughout the world. There's a long list of things we did working together, even though I drastically disagreed with him on the war in Iraq.
TODD: So, none of this gives you pause about working with President Trump?

PELOSI: It's one by one. It's one issue at a time. And we don't know what the next issue might be where we can find common ground. I do believe as leaders --as an advocate, I'd probably be saying the same thing. As a leader, we have a responsibility to try to find common ground, stand our ground where we can't. We have important challenges in our country that we have to address. And if we can find that path, I think we should do that.

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