Mark Shields: Trump U.N. Speech Gets ‘B for Bombast and Bullying and Belligerence’

‘It wasn’t a speech in which Americans could take pride or direction or comfort’

On PBS NewsHour, Trump UN Speech Gets 'B for Bombast and Bullying and Belligerence' (NewsBusters)

President Trump drew rave reviews on the right for a forceful address on global issues at the United Nations. But you wouldn't know that from the Week in Politics segment on Friday's PBS NewsHour.Liberal analyst Mark Shields gave it a "B for bombast and bullying and belligerence." Pseudo-conservative analyst David Brooks called it "self-destructive."

JUDY WOODRUFF: Mark, the president made his debut, first big speech before the United Nations General Assembly this week, and notable because he came out and said, basically, we will destroy North Korea if they make a wrong move. Does he come away looking more like a statesman? He’s followed that with days of squabbling, in effect, with Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. How do we — how do we now look upon President Trump as somebody who’s leading foreign policy?

MARK SHIELDS: An embarrassment. I mean, you compare the words of presidents in the past, measured, you know, John Kennedy in Berlin, wherever free men live, to come to Berlin, they are citizens of Berlin, 'ich bin ein Berliner.' Or Donald — Ronald Reagan, Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate, tear down this wall.


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