Amb. Haley: U.N. Member Nations Found Trump’s Speech ‘Blunt,’ ‘Honest,’ and ‘Refreshing’

‘I think it showed the strength of the U.S. but it also asked the world to come together’

HALEY: “Then, you saw the President’s address to the General Assembly. I think it showed the strength of the United States, but it also asked the world to come together and it asked all the countries to come together as we fight these rogue regimes, mainly North Korea and Iran. And I think what you saw were a lot of countries responded. They were very positive to the speech and they appreciated how blunt and honest he was. I think that has been the overall theme from the international community this week, is how straightforward he was and how refreshing it was as they heard him speak. Today, we met with our allies Japan and South Korea. Obviously a lot to talk about with North Korea, so we had good conversations with them and the President reassured Japan and South Korea, but they also talked about strategies going forward for North Korea.”

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