Sen. Johnson Battles Chuck Todd on ObamaCare: ‘Hey, Chuck, Do You Have Any Kids?’

‘Are you concerned about the fact with mortgaging our kids’ future, $20 trillion in debt more than $120 trillion in the next 20 years’

TODD: "Okay. Let me start with a larger funding question. Why did -- why did you decide in coming up with your funding calculations for this bill to basically take all of the money that for the states that did expand Medicaid and put it in the same pot for states that didn't expand Medicaid? Why not make the Uber first number the equivalent of what would have happened if all 50 states expanded Medicaid and start your bloc grant process from that number?
JOHNSON: "I would start from the premise, $20 trillion in debt over the next 30 years cbo projects at least another $100 trillion of deficit spending. Mortgaging our kids' future. The main premise would be right now federal funding on health care is grossly unfair. You have three states. California, New York and Massachusetts, a little more than 20% of the population gets 36% of the ObamaCare funding. It's simply unfair.:
TODD: " Do you know why that is? A simple explanation -- senator, a simple explanation for that. Those three states close to participate in the program. Had the states of Texas and Florida done that, that percentage you just rattled off to me -- the unfairness, blamed the Republican governors, no?"
JOHNSON: "Chuck, we're $20 trillion in debt. Chuck, do you have kids?"
TODD: "Of course I do."
JOHNSON: "Are you concerned about the fact with mortgaging our kids' future, $20 trillion in debt more than $120 trillion in the next 20 years. ObamaCare exacerbated that and out of control spending exasperated the Prock. We have to begin putting control over the out of control entitlement programs, Medicaid, ObamaCare is one of those. Of course, ObamaCare expanded Medicaid to able-bodied worchildless adults putting at risk elderly and children. ObamaCare funded Medicaid for, again, able-bodied working-aged child ltz adults at 100% versus Normal Medicaid for disabled some around 60%. I am concerned about the disabled children, the elderly, whose Medicaid put at risk by the expansion of Medicaid to able-bodied working age childless adults."

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