Chris Cuomo to Sen. Cassidy: ‘Can You with a Clear Conscience Say this Bill’ Let’s People Keep Their Coverage?

Cassidy: ‘We are better for working families’


CUOMO: “Senator, giving the people the ability to have coverage and it being affordable are very different things. Can you with a clear conscience say that this bill will have at the end of the day as many people covered in thiss country the way they are now, that they are afford it if they are under Medicaid, the way they are right now?”
CASSIDY: “There are more people who will be more people covered through this bill than under the status quo."
CUOMO: “Access to coverage or actually covered?”
CASSIDY: “Actually covered. And in regards to affordability, there’s a fellow whose daughter has a pre-existing condition in Luisiana. His premium now this year is over $40,000, under ObamaCare his premium is over $40,000. Somebody in insurance once told me that ObamaCare doesn’t work if you work. If you make too much money to qualify for a subsidy, you get stuck. Now, we are helping those working families, we are not penalizing them because they cannot afford a premium which is too rich for them. Rather we're helping them afford their premuims and removing the penalties, we are better for working families.”

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