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John Kerry: Trump’s ‘Childish’ U.N. Speech Put America ‘Last,’ Not ‘First’
‘You don’t give a speech at the United Nations to talk to your base’


KERRY: "Well I think -- Joe, I think -- I mean, you all have talked about it a fair amount already. But, look, what is the purpose of the speech by the president of United States to the United Nations? It is to sell America’s policy, it is to bring countries to the table in order to achieve your goals. And the president gave a speech about America first, which winds up, in effect, I think, making America last, and diplomacy last. Or making America alone fundamentally. It pushes people away. I mean, this childish kind of the rhetoric. I mean, if -- if name calling was going to solve this problem, Donald Trump would have already solved the problem. So, that’s not going to move anybody to do what you have to do. You have to ask yourself, is America safer because of rocket man? Did we bring anybody to the table as a consequence of that language? You don’t give a speech at the United Nations to talk to your base."

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