Rep. Tim Ryan: If We Stay Away from the Supply Side Economics, Dems Will Be Willing Partners

‘The president is saying we’re not going to hurt the middle class on this, so, we’ll see’


RYAN: "I think if they stay away from the traditional supply-side economics, I think there will be a lot of Democrats that will sit down and say, 'Hey, is this going to benefit working class people in Akron, OH, Youngstown, OH? I think they’ll be willing partners. But, again, we’ve got to make sure that some of these things, like any corporate tax reform, for example, that is revenue positive. You have 100 of the top Fortune 500 companies not paying any corporate tax at all. So, that’s not a progressive tax. If you want to lower the rate, you have to make sure that you’re closing the loopholes and getting some money. And the President is saying, ‘We’re not going to hurt the middle class on this.’ So, we’ll see."

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