Gregg Jarrett on Unmasking, Wiretapping: Jeff Sessions Is ‘Feckless and Incompetent; Should Resign’

‘I think the president made a mistake in appointing Jeff Sessions as attorney general’


REGAN: "Look, I would just once again say to everyone this is really scary stuff, and -- and I think that the implications could be very, very big. I mean, people should go to jail over something like this, if they were deliberately, deliberately trying to influence a campaign by perhaps gaining intelligence or suggesting that people were bad actors."
JARRETT: "Yeah, but who’s going to throw them in jail? I mean, Jeff Sessions is the top lawyer in America and he's proved to be --"
REGAN: "Why isn’t he doing anything?"
JARRETT: "-- nothing but feckless and incompetent."
REGAN: "Why isn't he doing anything?"
JARRETT: "He should resign. He’s in over his head. He shouldn’t be in the position in the first place. I think the president made a mistake in appointing Jeff Sessions as the attorney general. He’s empowered to do something about all of this, and he -- you know, he's twiddling his thumbs."

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