Richard Branson Falsely Claims Hurricane Irma Was ‘the Most Powerful Storm in History’

‘It was the most powerful storm in history, over 200-mile-an-hour winds’


BRANSON: “We were in a bunker, and even despite being in a bunker, you know, the whole bunker shook. It was very frightening for a lot of the people in that bunker. We had about 16 young people huddled in the bunker. It went on for about five hours. It was the most powerful storm in history, over 200-mile-an-hour winds, and when the eye of the storm came over us, we snuck outside and looked out over the island and it was as if a nuclear bomb had hit it. And then the other eye hit us again. We threw ourselves back in for another five-hour ride, and we were — you know, we were in good spirits in the bunker. We were relatively safe."

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