Noah: There Were So Many Black People at the Emmy’s, I Was Waiting for the Show To Get Pulled over By the Police

‘Fantastic, but how are we still having first black anythings in 2017?’

NOAH: "Fantastic, but how are we still having first black anythings in 2017. Do you know how many Emmy ceremonies there have been? 69? Nice. Now I'm not complaining because last night's Emmys were really amazing and so full of black people I was waiting for the show to get pulled over by the police. It was a beautiful experience, congratulations to everyone. I will say this, though, judging from America's history, we have to be careful for next year because anytime a black person wins something for the first time the next time around there is always an overcorrection. So just be ready for 2018 when Steve Bannon wins best actor in a drama. Get ready for that."

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