Colbert Spends 5 Minutes Mocking Trump in Opening Emmys Monologue

‘Of course what really matters to Donald Trump is ratings’

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Living up to the billing as being an especially politically charged Emmys Awards, host Stephen Colbert opened his monologue with an almost 5 minute long attack on President Trump. 

Here's a rush excerpt from the opening monologue: 

COLBERT: "But he didn’t. Because unlike the presidency, Emmys go to the winner of the popular vote. Where do I find the courage to tell that joke in this room? Of course what really matters to Donald Trump is rating. You got to have the big numbers. And I certainly hope we achieved that tonight. Unfortunately at this point we have no way of knowing how big our audience is. I mean is there anyone who can say how big the audience is? Sean, do you know?" 
SPICER: "This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmy's, period. Both in person and around the world."
COLBERT: "Wow, that really soothes my fragile ego. I can understand why you would want one of these guys around. Melissa Mccarthy, everybody. Give it up! Beautiful."

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