MSNBC Contributor: ‘Make America Great Again Was a Euphemism for Make America White Again’

‘From day one he came out against Mexican American immigrants’

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MELBER: "The politics of this. We see some people burning the hats. It is not everyone yet. You can't buy a fire without a spark."
SIMMONS: "It's amazing that this is the thing would be the straw that breaks the camel's back for some of these voters. It's not anything going on with fwis dealings. They called him the day one supporters. From day one he came out against Mexican American immigrants call rapists and other things. For too many supporters, make America great again was a euphemism for make America white again. And I think he is concerned that he will keep immigration from coming into the country. They said they were against legal immigration. Trump said he wanted to cut legal immigration in half. This is about Latino citizens, ouman beings coming across the southern border. It is not about waitresses in New York City. No one is rounding them up. It is not from places like where I'm from, Michigan. This is about places south of the border."

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