See the Video Message of Hope Robin Williams Sent to Terminally Ill Woman

‘Mark this off your bucket list ... much love to you, baby’

Robin Williams sent struggling terminal cancer patient video message of hope months before he took his own life (The Independent)

Robin Williams urged one of his fans, who had been diagnosed with three forms of terminal cancer, not to give up hope by sending her a moving video message months before he took his own life.

New Zealand-born Vivian Waller, 21, was told by doctors that she had lung, colon and liver cancer in January.

After several rounds of chemotherapy, her health continued to deteriorate, and she was moved into care at a hospice.

Knowing that she would likely die from her illness, she drew up a 'bucket list' of things she wanted to do before her time came to an end. As well as marrying her boyfriend Jack and being there for her daughter Sophie’s first birthday, this included meeting her idol, Robin Williams.

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