MSNBC Anchor Falls Apart over Ferguson Curfew

‘Wow. Folks, um, what you just heard was pretty remarkable’

MSNBC Host Falls Apart Over Ferguson Curfew (Truth Revolt)

In press conference this afternoon with Governor Jay Nixon, State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, and other officials, a state of emergency was declared for Ferguson, MO, and a curfew instituted. After the press conference, MSNBC's anchor T.J. Holmes begins with editorializing ...

"Wow. Folks, um, what you just heard, was pretty remarkable. To a community that has been shouting, expressing their anger, their outrage, understandable anger and outrage for the past week about being denied their rights, and about a young man being denied his right to live, they are now being told that their right to just leave their home is being taken away. A curfew in place tonight, starting tonight, in Ferguson, Missouri. You cannot be outside on the street from 12 midnight until 5 am. How exactly their going to enforce that curfew is still a question we didn't get a very good answer to."

... and ends with a bit of sermonizing ...

"A community that's been fighting and screaming about their rights being denied and the right of a young man being shot down, gunned down in the street, his right to live taken away. As you just said, and I'm so important you did that, for the historical context of a black community now being told you need to stay home and you cannot go outside your home and your first amendment rights are only in place for a certain amount of hours during the day. There is historical context for what we just saw and there is a reason that that community at this point is still outraged."

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