Breitbart’s Pollak: We Have Border Security First, Before There’s Any Legalization

‘There are three deal breakers for trump’s base, when it comes to a DACA deal’


POLLAK: "Number one, most Americans want some of the people who are here illegally to have some ability to stay in the country. At the same time, most Americans want there to be a sequence where we have border security first before there’s any legalization of people who are here illegally. And the problem with the terms of the deal or deal about a deal that was discussed by the Democrats and the President last night is it puts those things on an equal playing field, it has them on the same timeline that DACA gets passed with some border security measures. And even worse than that, the wall comes later. So, that’s the reason the Gang of Eight bill was rejected by Republicans in 2013, because it didn’t have the proper sequence of security first and legal status later."

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