George Will: Picture Bill Clinton in the White House ‘Footloose, Fancy-Free, and Bored’

The “Fox News Sunday” panel imagines a White House with Bill Clinton back in it

George Will: Picture Bill Clinton in White House ‘Footloose, Fancy-Free, and Bored’ (Mediaite)

A Fox News Sunday panel considered the extraordinarily pressing and urgent topic of “With whom would you rather spend your summer vacation, the Clintons or the Obamas?” The Clintons won by a long shot, though the panel suspected that was due to former President Bill Clinton’s approval rating, which was maskingHillary Clinton’s deep disapproval (so deep she beats every GOP contender, but whatevs.)

That was until they got to George Will, who doubted whether Bill was actually “a plus” for Hillary. “He’s a plus until people think of him wandering the corridors of the White House footloose, fancy-free, and bored,” Will said.

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