Kimmel to Sean Spicer: Do You Think It’s a Dangerous Time to Delegitimize the Press?

‘It seems that what he calls fake news is really anything that criticizes him’

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KIMMEL: "But the president -- it seems that what he calls fake news is really anything that criticizes him. And then he'll give validity to wacky news sources sometimes. Because they're complimentary. And do you think that is a dangerous thing to delegitimize the press for America?"
SPICER: "I think it's a two-way street. And when these guys in the press corps go after the president in ways that are unbecoming -- again, it's sort of like what your mom said, two wrongs don't make a right. I think sometimes when the press corps attacks the president, undermines him, calls into question his credibility from the outset, I think it creates a very poor relationship overall. And I think that there is some area that could deserve a reset. Hopefully I think Sarah's done a phenomenal job of really trying to take the tone down and and get back."

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