Jesse Watters: A Few Months Ago Dems/Media Were Calling Trump ‘Hitler,’ Now They’re Dining with Hitler

‘It will be funny when the media has to write these headlines — ‘

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WATTERS: "But in all seriousness, he's doing this because he couldn't govern with partisan majorities in the House. Republicans in the House and Senate, they shouldn't be upset by this. They gave birth to this. If they had passed repeal and replace -- he would have been governing with partisan majorities, that would've been already on by late July to tax reform. That would've been fine but he pivoted out of it and he's now going to be like the prime minister where you try to forge these kinds of bipartisan governing coalitions and see if that works. The media is not used to this because it hasn't been done for quite some time. Bush 41 reach across the aisle, Bill Clinton triangulated, Reagan... All the tax reform packages, Bush tax cuts, Reagan tax cuts, all bipartisan. DACA is going to need bipartisan support. Infrastructure will need bipartisan support. It will be funny when the media has to write these headlines like three months ago Trump was Hitler. Now the Democrats are having dinner with Hitler. We will find out."

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