Tom Morello on Paul Ryan Listening to RATM: He’s the Epitome of What We’re Raging About

‘While he may use Rage Against the Machine for his PX90 work outs — ‘

MORELLO: "Yeah, well, I mean, first of all, there's no political litmus test of being a fan of the band. And one of the most inspiring stories I hear is people got. Come up, and they got into our band because of the expression of the music, and they were exposed to a different point of view. That's totally cool. Paul Ryan's point of-- he doesn't do a lot of raging against women, against gays, against music, against unions, against the environment ... He's the epitome of the machine we have been raging about for years. While he may use Rage Against the Machine for his PX90 work outs, let's get in the pit and let nature take its course."

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