Lawrence O’Donnell Tears into Trump for Trying to ‘Steal the Grief of 9/11 Families’

‘He didn’t lose many, many friends’

Lawrence O’Donnell Tears Into Trump For Trying to ‘Steal the Grief of 9/11 Families’ (Mediaite)

While MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell has made his disdain for Donald Trump no secret in recent years, it was still surprising to see how viciously he went after the president Monday evening when it came to comments Trump had previously made about 9/11 and how it personally impacted him.

In a mini-monologue, the Last Word host highlighted that POTUS participated in a 9/11 memorial ceremony earlier in the day at the Pentagon. He then contrasted this with Trump’s insistence during a GOP primary debate last year when the then-candidate said he “lost hundreds of friends” when the World Trade Center came down, something Trump essentially repeated on Meet the Press the following day.

“He didn’t lose many, many friends,” O’Donnell stated. “But it was hard to get anyone else in the media interested in that because trump lies were coming fast and furious every day, every hour and hard to keep up with.”

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