Jeh Johnson: ‘Home-Grown Violent Extremism’ Is the Biggest Threat Facing Us Right Now

‘Counterterrorism, terrorism, evolved a long way from 9/11’

TUR: “Sixteen years after 9/11, what’s the biggest threat facing us right now?”
JOHNSON: “Well, the thing that kept me up at night, and many things kept me up at night, but the thing that kept me up most often was home-grown violent extremism. Counter-terrorism, terrorism has evolved a long way from 9/11. DHS was formed in 2002 on the assumption that terrorism is something that would infiltrate our borders. So we merged all of these border security functions into one cabinet level department. Now I think we have to be focused, in addition, to home-grown violent extremism -- which is why when I was in office I really wanted to see us bolster our domestic countering domestic violence efforts in this country and I hoped that this administration will continue that. I’m worried they will not.”

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