Trump: Kuwait Is Making Tremendous Investments in Our Country

‘They have great confidence in our country’


TRUMP: “Every responsible nation must work together to strip these groups of their territory, their financing and the false allure of their evil ideology. I applaud Kuwait for its role in this effort and encourage all nations in the region to do their fair share in defeating those who wage war on the innocent. Each nation in the region must decide what kind of future they want for their own children: one of violence, or one of peace? That also means confronting those such as Iranian regime who support terror groups and radical militias. Cooperation between America and Kuwait has never been stronger, never ever. The FBI and the Kuwaiti government are expanding our counterterrorism and intelligence-sharing efforts. We’re making progress on promoting Kuwaiti investments in the United States. They’re making tremendous investments in our country.  They have great confidence in our country."

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