Schumer Calls for Clean DREAM Act Passage, Says Trump Called and Wants to Help

‘Since President Trump’s decision to end DACA on Tuesday, it’s absolutely necessary that Congress move forward to pass a clean Dream Act’

Schumer Calls for Clean Dream Act Passage, Says Trump Called And Wants to Help (The Washington Free Beacon)

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) called for the passage of a "clean Dream act" on Thursday, saying President Donald Trump had called him and wanted to help.

The "Dream Act" has been brought forward in various forms for 16 years and never passed. Meant to create protections and a path to legalization for young illegal immigrants brought to America with their families, the latest version has been put forward as a legislative replacement for DACA, the 2012 Obama-era program rescinded this week by the Trump administration.

"Since President Trump's decision to end DACA on Tuesday, it's absolutely necessary that Congress move forward to pass a clean Dream Act," he said. "800,000 dreamers anxiously await action by this Congress. there is no reason to wait. Let's put a clean Dream act on the floor, which I believe would pass by a significant margin, and tell these hardworking Dreamers they belong in this country, too, a country they want to be part of desperately."

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