Noah: If ISIS Could Take Credit for Hurricanes, Maybe the ‘Deniers’ Would Accept Climate Change

‘Like, maybe ISIS should start taking credit for hurricanes’

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NOAH: "Can I just ask a question? How many once-in-a-lifetime event is it going to take-- in our lifetimes-- for everyone to admit maybe manmade climate change is real? You realize that hurricane Irma is the most powerful Atlantic storm ever recorded. And that's exactly the sort of thing that climate scientists predict: In this part of the world, warmer oceans will lead to stronger hurricanes. Like, I'm so confused. Likes, what is it going to take to get climate deniers to acknowledge this?

"Maybe we need ISIS to help us out. This is where we go, "Hey, ISIS, I know we don't agree on stuff. Can you help us out here?" Like, maybe ISIS should start taking credit for hurricanes. They should. ISIS should be like-- every time a hurricane hits, ISIS should be, "That was us. We sent that storm. We sent that storm to destroy America." And then Republicans will be like, "That's ridiculous. You guys can't cause hurricanes." And they'll be like, "Who causes hurricanes?" They'll be like they're caused by climate-- oh, man, climate change. "ISIS, ISIS caused it." And it is scary to get such a massive hurricane so soon after Harvey."

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