FNC’s Herridge: Susan Rice Meets with the House Intel Committee Behind Closed Doors

‘The former security advisor remains behind closed doors on Capitol Hill at this hour’

HERRIDGE: "The former security advisor remains behind closed doors on Capitol Hill in this hour. As you mentioned on Russia’s election meddling in her request to identify Trump campaign associates found, that process is known as unmasking. Republicans on the same committee issued subpoenas for FBI director Christopher WRAY and attorney general Jeff Sessions after the department failed to find records requested in August about the FBI’s relationship with the British spy who provided the unverified trump dossier. The committee wants more information about the FBI’s relationship with this British spy who put together the dossier. The dossier was commissioned by this man, former journalist Glenn Simpson. They key question is whether the FBI knew that Simpson was at the same time allegedly working with the Russians to appeal U.S. Sanctions levied against the murder of a Russian whistle-blower. They have not responded to repeated questions from Fox News for comment. The Republican chairman of the intelligence committee are running their own investigations."

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