Rick Scott: Hurricane Irma Is ‘Way Bigger’ than Andrew 25 Years Ago

‘We have to make sure everybody in our state watches this hurricane’

SCOTT: "First off my heart goes out to everybody impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Greg Abbott I know is working hard to make sure they recover. This is a big storm, Irma is a big storm, 185-mile-an-hour winds. Way bigger than Andrew was 25 years ago. We are very wary about the winds and very worried about the storm surge. Our most vulnerable start of the state is the Florida keys, I was down there today. We are evacuating people, started with our visitors and now we are doing residence starting tonight. We have to make sure everybody in our state watches this hurricane. It could go up the east coast, the west coast, the middle of our state, it’s a big storm and we got to be prepared. We are working hard, I talked with resident trump and vice president pence both today. They said all the resources will be available to help us. We are looking at this and taking very aggressive actions. I hope every visitor and our state and every visitor does the same thing to protect the family."

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