Noah: Trump Says DREAMers Aren’t Really Little Kids But When It’s About Don Jr., ‘He’s a Good Boy’

‘I love how Trump is actually, like, actually, they’re not really kids’

NOAH: "You know, if you really love someone, putting their fate in the hands of Congress is a pretty weird way to show it. I wouldn't even trust Congress to water my plants while I'm away. Mitch McConnell would be giving excuses, like, we intended to water the plants, but the plant watering initiative included Planned Parenthood so we had to let it die. 
Also, by the way, if we go back to Trump, I love how Trump is actually, like, actually, they're not really kids, they're young adults. They're not like children. Yeah but when 39-year-old Don, Jr. tries to collude with Russia, Trump's like, he's a good boy, a good kid, he's my little baby. Muah, my baby!"

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