Robin Williams: Death Is ‘Very Freeing,’ but ‘I Don’t Have the Balls’ To Commit Suicide

‘OK, let’s put the suicide over here on ‘discussible”‘

Robin Williams in 2010: I ‘Don’t Have the Balls’ to Commit Suicide (Mediaite)

In 2010, Robin Williams was a few years out of his last prolonged stint in rehab for substance abuse and just coming off heart surgery to replace an aortic valve. He decided to invite comedianMarc Maron, host of the still relatively new WTF podcast, to his home in California, where he opened up about his struggles for nearly an hour in a way he had never really done before.

Following Williams’ suicide yesterday, Maron decided to re-release the episode on his website, with a new, emotional introduction, in which he shares what Williams’ comedy meant to him and how difficult the news of his death has been to take.

But it is a moment towards the end of the original interview that resonates so intensely today and it comes after Maron tells Williams that he doesn’t seem like someone who is “morbidly fascinated” or “hung up on death.”

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