Joe, Mika Hit Trump on DACA Announcement: ‘Non-announcement,’ ‘Fake News’

‘It isn’t anything that’s happening’


SCARBOROUGH: “— President Obama in his final news conference before he left office in January on what it would take to bring him out and start speaking during the Trump presidency. Well, that condition may be met today as President Trump is expected to announce —“ 
BRZEZINSKI: “— a non-announcement.”
SCARBOROUGH: “A non-announcement.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Actually a distraction.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “Because that’s the thing —“ 
BRZEZINSKI: “It’s not really an announcement. It’s a huge news conference you’re all expected to watch at 11:00 and then ut actually isn’t anything that’s happening.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “It could be an announcement. It might be a transgender like tweet.” 
BRZEZINSKI: “There’s a word for this — fake news.” 

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