Dutch ‘Expert’: With Climate Change, More Weather ‘Extremes’ Will Hit Us ‘Harder’

‘And we have to plan our cities for that’


OVINK: "And it’s three things we have to take into account as a world. Not only as Texas or Houston, but also in the Netherlands, in Bangladesh, as you said. First, we have to protect ourselves with dams, dikes and levees, natural solutions, any type of measurement. Second, we have to plan our cities for the future, for those uncertainties that come with climate change. More extremes will hit us harder and more severe, and we have to plan our cities for that. And third, response. Now in the United States, you would see the last one being there, a collective effort to help when the disaster happens. But that’s not the way to go. We should not respond to the disasters that happen to us. We have to prepare ourselves for an uncertain future. That’s exactly what could have been done differently, but now after the disaster, we should focus on it."

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