Rendell: I Disagree with NYT, Biden Is Distinct Front-Runner for 2020 if He Wants It

‘If Joe Biden says he wants it, I think he essentially pre-empts the field’


RENDELL: "But I disagree with 'The Times' article that said there is a distinct front-runner, and if in December of 2018, Vice President Biden stands up and says, 'I’ve decided to run for president. I didn't run the last because of the death of my son, but I'm ready now,' he’s a year and a half older than President Trump, he's in great physical shape. If you have ever spent any time with him, he has the vitality and physical strength of a 40-year-old, and he’s the one guy, the one candidate who could appeal to our Progressive base, do well with minorities and bring back some of those white working class Trump voters who were Democrats but voted for Trump in ‘16. If Joe Biden says he wants it, I think he essentially preempts the field."

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