Hayden: ‘I Was Very Impressed’ with the Tough, But Careful Statement By Mattis on North Korea

‘Secretary Mattis had very strong language, but it was about a North Korea threat, not a North Korea capability’


HAYDEN: “Well, so far. And I was very impressed with a very tough, but a very careful statement by Secretary Mattis as he left a meeting with the president yesterday afternoon. Secretary Mattis had very strong language, but it was about a North Korean threat, not a North Korean capability. In other words, Alisyn, I -- I think he was trying to make a distinction between, we’re willing to preempt an imminent threat from North Korea, but we're not willing -- it’s not our policy, at least not yet, to conduct a preventive war to prevent the North Koreas from acquiring that kind of capability. It’s a fine distinction --"
HAYDEN: "-- but I think it’s a big deal and a very useful statement on his part.”

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