Former Federal Prosecutor on Mueller Teaming with IRS: Likely ‘Pursuing Tax Charges’

‘You cannot as a federal prosecutor bring tax charges without having them involved’

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ANCHOR: "And now Mueller is reportedly working with the IRS and the new York attorney general. What’s that tell you about where this probe could be going?"
MARIOTTI: "Well, the fact that Mueller has enlisted IRS criminal investigations tells me he’s investigating potential tax charges, so we don’t know who he’s investigating into those tax charges, but the reason for a federal prosecutor to get IRS criminal investigations involved to a complex white collar investigation like this one is to investigate tax charges. And, in fact, you cannot as a federal prosecutor bring tax charges without having them involved. As to getting the New York A.G. Involved, what that tells me is he’s looking at potential state crimes and that could be important, because the president cannot pardon people for state crimes. So there’s been a lot of discussion and debate how pardons could be used to derail Mueller’s investigation if state crimes are charged, ultimately the pardon analysis goes out the window."
ANCHOR: "That is a very important point to make. Thank you so much for joining us today."

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