Cruz: ‘This Last Week Has Been Horrific’ for Me; ‘The Damage Is Unlike Anything I Have Ever Seen’

‘The damage is unlike anything I have ever seen’


RADDATZ: "And Senator Cruz, I do want to talk quickly with you. We are getting to a huge segment on Houston and the flooding. But I do want to talk to you just about what this last week has been like for you.
CRUZ: This last week has been horrific. Houston is my home. I live a couple miles the from here. My mom lived a half mile from here."
RADDATZ: "Heart breaking to see this?"
CRUZ: "Her grandparents lived right down the street. Her parent, rather, my grandparents. The damage is unlike anything I have ever seen. It’s — you know, in Houston, you’re used to hurricanes, that’s part of living on the Gulf Coast is you get hit by hurricanes and you come through it. This disaster, Harvey, is unlike anything we have ever seen.It hit down in south Texas. I spent yesterday was down in Victoria and Rockport and Aransas Pass and Port Aransas. The devastation there is massive, homes just obliterated. It parked over Houston for four to five days, dropping 50 inches of rain, 20 trillion gallons of rain. Then it went to Beaumont and Port Arthur. I’m going later today to visit the devastation there. The geographic swath, people are hurting. But I’d be remiss, Martha, if I didn’t tell you, in the face of that disaster, we’ve seen incredible bravery."

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