Fmr. Obama EPA Admin: ‘We Need to Face’ Climate Change ‘Head On’ or We’ll See More Intense Storms Like Harvey

‘This is a reality of deregulation and this is a reality of a changing climate’


McCARTHY: "I don’t think there’s anybody questioning that the climate is changing. For this administration to say 'Don’t think about that' when you spend huge amounts of federal dollars for infrastructure is not reasonable. Let’s allow EPA to continue to work with communities on climate resilience instead of shutting the office down and taking the information off of the web. Let’s deal with reality as we see it today. That's what we're looking at. This is a reality of deregulation and this is a reality of a changing climate. We need to face proper regulation and we need to face the changing climate head on or else you’re going to see more of this and more intense storms. We just can’t afford it."

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