Hickenlooper: If Trump Ends DACA, It Will Be a ‘Betrayal of a Very High Magnitude’

‘This is the only country they’ve ever known’


HICKENLOOPER: "I understand all the political pressure that's being brought onto not just the President but the Congress. If you were to — if they ended DACA, that would be a betrayal of a very high magnitude and I think it would send a message to all manner of immigrants in the United States that nothing the United States says, no commitments we make can be trusted over a long period of time. These are kids who in most cases came when they were 2 or 3 years old or 4 years old to the United States, they’ve grown up. This is the only country they’ve ever known. We’re not giving them a pathway to citizenship, we're not giving them any promises. We allow them to come out of the shadows so they could begin to have some normalized lives."

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