MSNBC Guest: Hurricane Harvey ‘Is a Man-Made Disaster’ Owing to ‘Unregulated Expansion’

‘Part of the problem of Harvey like Katrina, these are man-made disasters’


STENGEL: "The one area that I will take issue with and at the risk of being a skunk at the picnic, but he said Houston is going to build bigger and better than ever. Part of the problem with Harvey, like Katrina, is these are man-made disasters in part because the thousands and thousands of buildings that have been built in Houston on 100-year floodplains over the last 10 years, these are problems of public officials and unregulated expansion that has made these areas vulnerable. To me it’s not about building bigger and better, it's about building to a 500 or 1,000 year-plan the way that Amsterdam is and other cities that are threatened like this. This is a problem of public servants”

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