Tucker Carlson Devotes Show’s Only Hurricane-Focused Segment to Looting

‘We’ve had complete culture rot’

Tucker Carlson Devotes Show’s Only Hurricane-Focused Segment to Looting (Mediaite)

Hurricane Harvey has absolutely devastated southeast Texas, with unprecedented floods causing untold damage, thousands of people still needing to be rescued, and the death toll climbing to at least 38 at the time of publication.

So how did Fox News’ Tucker Carlson cover the storm that has will impact the region for years to come? He focused on looting…and how liberals cheer it on.

After starting his program with a lengthy segment about how violent Antifa is and how Democrats need to speak out against the group, Carlson opened a segment on Harvey by talking with reporter Trace Gallagher for a short bit about rescue operations in Houston before bringing on guest Dan Bongino to discuss the looting.

Referencing ABC News’ Tom Llamas tweeting about a supermarket being looted in Houston, Carlson noted that the reporter got a lot of grief on Twitter about the tweet. He claimed people “vilified” Llamas for “attacking hurricane survivors.” And Bongino knew where to point the finger.

“We’ve had complete culture rot,” he told Carlson. “I know this, Tucker, because I saw the mob attack Tom Llamas on Twitter. It was coming from liberals that seem like they’re entitled to the property of other people.”

“Only like a decadent rich kid in Brooklyn would say something like that,” Carlson responded. “Most of them that did, I checked, are decadent rich kids in Brooklyn.”

After the two discussed a store owner in Houston who witnessed looting of his shop on surveillance cameras, wondering who pushes back against this while describing looters as savage, Carlson then made another observation.

“The left is always cheering on the destruction of ordinary people stuff and their families and making fun of like Normal people with jobs and your stupid patriarchy,” the Fox News host noted. “What is it about the American left that wants to destroy normal life? I don’t understand it.”

Bongino had an answer: “Liberalism is built around nihilism. The party of JFK is dead. It’s been taken over and hijacked by far left that has no adherence to any objective values.”

Carlson went on to devote the rest of his program to Hillary Clinton‘s book tour, a professor standing up to “groupthink,” and the saga of Debbie Wasserman Schultz‘s former IT aide.

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