Former FEMA Chief: ‘We Have to Start Doing More’ to Prepare for Global Warming

‘We’ve got to break the damage-repair cycle’

WITT: "Absolutely. You know, as they look forward, after the response and recovery and the safety of the individuals and communities, but also they need to look forward a few weeks down the road now of how are we going to build back, are we going to build back better and safer? Are we going to let it go as it has? The thing of it is, if you look at climate change and you look at the weather systems that we're getting today, just Normal rainstorms are six or seven inches and we have to start doing more in prevention and mitigation before these events happen. And we've got to break the damage repair cycle. People have worked all their lives for what they had. Now it's lost and gone. This will be a really tough recovery."

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